MIMO 2024
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Foto de ilustração: Messias Brito Trio - Prêmio MIMO de Música
Foto (crédito): Andrea Nestrea

Aware of the importance of fostering the creation and production of instrumental music, since 2014 the festival instituted the MIMO Music Award, which reveals and values young and new talents. The initiative aims at innovation and the unveiling of talented musicians. Those selected become part of the official lineup, next to the great attractions. Registration, made through the MIMO Festival portal, is free and includes the categories of classical and popular music.

It is the festival's own public notice, with free registration. It is aimed at young talents who are between 18 and 35 years old, and present works in the categories of popular and chamber music, author's or not.

The MIMO Music Award is a renovation of the MIMO Instrumental Award, which attracted about 350 artists, and instrumental groups in its first edition, when it became part of the MIMO Festival program, with great success. With a main difference: the possibility of inscribing groups and soloists with not only instrumental works, as previously, but also with vocalized works. In Portugal, the first edition took place at MIMO Amarante 2017.

An award where the audience makes the difference! For the choice is made by popular vote.