MIMO 2024
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MIMO For Children

Credit: Acervo MIMO

MIMO FOR CHILDREN is an extension of the largest free festival in Portugal, which grows with entirely free programming, having among its attractions the musical shows, as well as fun workshops, and games for the little ones.

Created by the director and curator, Lu Araújo, MIMO FOR CHILDREN is an event dedicated to the children and grandchildren of its faithful audience, which at the same time has fun, and stimulates the creativity of the children.

The MIMO PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN is created with all the affection so, during the period it is carried out, the kids can have a lot of fun, as well as socialize with other children, developing integration and the common good with the new little friends. They leave the event knowing well what it is to have fun with joy, and to have lots of news to tell.

Characterized by the refinement, and the diversity of the world's music to the audience, MIMO Festival has established itself in Brazil and Europe as one of the most important events throughout its more than 20 years of existence. Moreover, its beacons are the population's democratic access to culture and education, with an entirely free programming.