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Among rivers, city and forest, with the Indigenous Community of the Sateré Mawé people in the Aldeia Waikiru, on the banks of the Rio Negro, and then isolated in the forest in the Tupana Mehua village, in the Brazilian Amazon, Amazonian artists of multiple peoples and languages such as Alcimar Vieira Reis, André Sateré Mawé, Elizete Tikuna, Emerson Uýra, Jaqueline Santos, Jayne Kira, Rafa Militão, Rafael Bqueer, Roberta Carvalho, Wellington Dias, inspired by what surrounded them, created fine works for the CASA COMUM project, a collaboration among digital artists from Brazil and the United Kingdom, directed by Renato Rocha, in a joint effort with the London creative studio SDNA.

The recorded visual performances address environmental issues, political art, gender, sexuality, Afrofuturism, decoloniality, intersectionality and determine that the world’s largest rainforest is hybrid. It is indigenous, black, ancestral, urban and also technological. The filming of the performances of the artists was edited by SDNA in the United Kingdom and shown in London, within the schedule of the Casa Festival held at the Brixton Village Market. And also at the Pipe Factory during Cop26, in Glasgow, and at the Amazon Mapping Festival, in Brazil.

The unfolding of this multicultural and multimedia project, unprecedented in Portugal, is what MIMO Porto will present to the audience in large projections on the facade of the Natural History and Science Museum of the U. Porto.

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