1. Is the festival totally free of charge?

Yes, it is. All the concerts, educational activities and film exhibitions are offered free of charge to the crowd.

2. When will MIMO Festival Porto 2022 take place?

This edition of MIMO Festival Porto 2022 will take place in September 23, 24 and 25.

3. Where can I find the agenda and the artists confirmed for the festival?

Our schedule and news about MIMO are posted on our website (mimofestival.com/portugal) and social media (Instagram: @mimo_festival / Facebook: mimoportugal). *The schedule may change.

4. Is it required to withdrawal tickets for the activities?

Regarding some activities of the schedule held indoor with limited capacity of audience, we work with withdrawal of tickets for internal control purpose. For this cases, follow up our schedule on our website and social media, make sure your booking is confirmed through the website informed in our official communication channels, and be punctual. If you do not attend the event on time, we will forward your ticket to someone else. The bookings begin on September, 01 2022.

5. I am an artist. How can I be part of MIMO line up for the next editions?

Please send your material for our curatorial team by email to curadoria@mimomfestival.com. We will get in touch in case there is synergy with the Festival’s purpose.

6. How can I take part in the Educational Programme?

The Educational Programme is open to general audience, but it is aimed at students and professional musicians. Registrations are free of charge at the Festival’s website. Depending on the activity, there is a process of curriculum evaluation in order to select the participants of each offered activity.

7. How many people can attend the concerts? Is there any possibility of maximum occupancy?

The capacity varies depending on the place of performance. The activities held indoor are subject to maximum occupancy, therefore it is necessary to follow up our schedule through our website and social media, make sure you book the tickets, and be punctual. If you do not attend the event on time, the ticket will be forwarded to someone else, but we will do our best to include everyone in a safe and comfortable way.

8. Is MIMO an accessible Festival for disabled people?

One of our most important mission is to offer democratically the best inclusion of people as possible. Therefore, we are engaged to create an accessible structure for disabled people in all the venues that hold MIMO activities. And not only for the Festival. Our website was also developed to attend everyone in an accessible way, thinking about all demands.

9. Can I join the MIMO activities as a volunteer?

Sure. If you are super fan of this Festival and want an opportunity to gain new professional experiences, to know about how the production of a festival works, to see a little bit of the backstage, and also wish to expand your network, this is the right place for you. We offer a certificate of attendance and gifts. You can find more information at voluntariado@mimofestival.com

10. How can I buy the MIMO products?

We have several points of sales in the venues of the Festival. You can also buy the MIMO products getting in touch with our marketing department through the email marketing@mimofestival.com

11. Where can I find the pictures of the Festival?

In our Flickr profile we have over seven thousand photos. Go to the page and download it in high quality: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mimofestival/

12. How can I suggest an artist for the next line up?

If you a fan of a Portuguese or international artist and would like to see them performing at MIMO Festival, send us your suggestion through the e-mail curadoria@mimofestival.com

13. I am interested in participating as a member of the media. How can I register to cover the Festival?

Members of the media are super welcome to MIMO. We have a special room with all comfort and necessary resources for you to work and cover the Festival. For registration please contact conteudo@mimofestival.com .

14. How can I give a suggestion or write a review?

Just contact us by the email marketing@mimofestival.com. We would love to have your opinion!