1. Is the festival enterely free?

Yes. All the concerts, educational activities and film exhibitions are free of charge.

2. What is the difference between the Circuit and the Festival?

The Festival is more complete format of MIMO, lasting for about 3 days, with a consistente schedule of music, film and education.
The Circuit is a customized and shorter format of the Festival, with a schedule that follows the same level of excellence, focusing on concerts.

3. In which cities will MIMO be held in 2016?

The schedule for 2016 includes the festival and the circuit. On June 1st will be released the dates and cities of MIMO 2016. The date of the first international edition of MIMO in Portugal/Amarante, has been confirmed between 15 and 17 of July.

4. Is it required to withdrawal tickets for the activities?

Regarding some activities of the schedule, which are held in theatres or churches, it is necessary to withdrawal tickets. Through our website we provide a tutorial of the process to obtainthe tickets. In some cases, the tickets will only be available 1 hour before the concert. All the information will be providade daily in our website and social media profiles.

5. I am an artist. How can a be part of MIMO’s line up?

Please send your material for our curatorial team by e-mail to curadoria@mimo.art.br. We will get in touch in case there is any sinergy with the Festival’s proposal.
The Festival also promotes the MIMO Instrumental Award, an iniciative that aims to showcase the new talents of brazilian music by selecting instrumental artists and groups up to 5 people through public invitation notice. In order to participate, you have to fit the criteria stipulated in the public invitation notice regulation. Registrations are free of charge and must be done in the Festival’s website.

6. How can my movie be part o MIMO Film Festival?

If your project has music as the main theme, you’ll be very welcome! As in MIMO Instrumental Award, there is a regulation with criteria to be matched. Registrations are free of charge and must be done in the Festival’s website.

7. How can I participate in the Education Programme?

The Education Programme is aimed at music students and professional musicians. Registrations are free of charge and must be done in the Festival’s website. There is a process of curriculum evaluation in order to select the participants of each activity offered.

8. How many people can go to the concerts? Is there possibility of stocking?

The capacity varies depending on the place of performance. The activities held indoors are subject to capacity.

9. How can I buy MIMO Festival’s products?

We have selling points distributed over the venues where the Festival is held. You can also acquire the products by getting in touch with our marketing department at marketing@mimo.art.br.

10. Where can I find the Festival’s fotos?

In our Flickr profile we have over 7 thousand fotos. Go to the page and download it in high quality: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mimofestival/

11. Would you like to suggest na artist for MIMO’s line up?

If you are a fan of a brazilian or international artist and would like to see them perform on MIMO Festival, send us your suggestion through e-mail: querovernomimo@mimo.art.br

12. Is there a space for suggestions or critics?

Please send us an e-mail at faleconosco@mimo.art.br. We want to know your opinion!